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Sensitivity Analysis in Microsoft Excel

Automated Sensitivity
Analysis in Microsoft Excel

Sensitivity analysis can be time consuming and cumbersome. TruSens makes it easy by automating five (5) different sensitivity reports. For any complex decision analysis there are many variables that may change, possibly having an adverse effect on a given project or investment. How does a rise in interest rates affect my project's value? At what rate does it make sense to scrap it? Or to invest more? Sensitivity analysis helps you answer these questions. And TruSens makes sensitivity analysis quick and easy.

Sensitivity Analysis Example in Excel - Tornado Chart

Tornado ChartTornado Chart in Excel

This is a favorite among decision analysts, but one of the most difficult to implement.Horizontal bars are used to show the relative impact of each independent variable and, because they're ranked from top to bottom, the chart resembles a tornado.With TruSens, even tornado charts are a breeze.

Spider ChartSpider Chart in Excel

This chart also shows the relative sensitivities of multiple variables from a single dependent variable. In this case, however, the values on both axes of the chart are depicted as percentage values using line graphs, resembling the legs of a spider.

Strategy Region ChartStrategy Region Excel

This chart is used to visualize the impact that a single independent variable has on one or more dependent variables. The dependent variables are typically mutually exclusive options. Usually, multiple dependent variables are graphed relative to each other, revealing the strategic regions for each option.

Two-variable SensitivityExcel Sensitivity Analysis

Surface charts and the 3D-column charts are used with two-variable sensitivities, i.e. two independent variables and a single dependent variable. The only difference is the chart type used. Sometimes a surface chart will let you visualize the data better, and sometimes a 3D column will. Use both to get a different look on the same output.

Strategy ReportStrategy Report in Excel

This report is unique among the TruSens reports in that it is not a chart. It not only measures the sensitivity of multiple dependent variables as two independent variables are adjusted, it tells you what the best option is under any of the scenarios. Usually, the dependent variables are mutually exclusive options and you are trying to determine which option is best assuming different combinations of the two independent variables. This is the most powerful report TruSens creates.

Excel Sensitivity Analysis

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