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Decision Trees in Microsoft Excel

Build Decision Trees
in Microsoft Excel

Decision trees are powerful analytical tools but are difficult and time-consuming to implement. Not any more. With SolutionTree you'll be building complex decision trees in Microsoft Excel in minutes. Just point, click, then enter the values right in the worksheet. Oil and gas exploration, project bidding, product marketing, regulatory impact analysis, option pricing -- in fact, almost any quantitative decision can be modeled using decision trees. And SolutionTree makes it easy.

Decision Tree Example in Excel

100% Excel functionality

SolutionTree integrates seamlessly with Microsoft Excel. Model and analyze your decision trees directly in your spreadsheet using the skills you already have. Easily perform complex decision analysis, and take advantage of the graphical features available in the newest versions of Microsoft Excel.

No messy dialog boxes

SolutionTree is a lightweight diagram that sits "on top" of the spreadsheet. It harnesses Excel's built-in computational power, instead of replacing it. You make your inputs in the spreadsheet like you've always done, instead of in some bulky, complicated dialog box. And because it uses only Excel's built-in functionality, SolutionTree is compatible with any other decision analysis add-in made for Excel.

Optimal path calculation

SolutionTree automatically calculates the optimal path through your decision tree. As you update the node values, the custom functions will determine the best alternatives, "folding back" the optimum expected value for the entire decision tree. Decision tree analysis doesn't get any easier than this.

Cut, copy and paste functionality

With SolutionTree, building complex decision trees is easy. Any branch can be moved or copied from one node to another. And you can choose to copy the formulas or just the values, just like you're used to doing in Excel already. You can even paste the branch to a new decision tree or to a different tree in the same workbook.

Collapse & expand branches

Sometimes a decision tree will get too complex to take it all in. You can easily collapse nodes to hide large branches. You can expand any node at any time. To prevent accidental changes or hide sensitive data, you can collapse the desired nodes, then protect the worksheet. Great for presentations and printouts, too!

Tree & node validation

In any decision tree the total probability must equal 100%. SolutionTree keeps track of this for you so you'll always know if your tree is valid. Plus, any node's children must have a total probability of 100%. SolutionTree can automatically highlight any errors for you, allowing you to easily see which nodes need correcting.

Customizable graphics

Because SolutionTree uses the newest graphical capabilities in Excel 2007 or higher, you can change the look and feel of your decision trees to suit your needs -- shadows, reflections, 3D and much more. This is the only decision tree add-in for Excel that lets you modify the shape formats.

Automated risk reports & charts

With a click of a button, you can create a Risk Profile for the active decision tree. Another click for the Cumulative Probability report. You can also create an Optimal Path report, which includes only branches and nodes in the decision tree's optimal path.

Excel Decision Tree

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